Vemma in Denver – Judgement Day

Judgement Day For Vemma – An Exclusive

So, an quick update for Vemma – The lastest hearing was in Phoenix, Arizona on September 16, 2015 as the FTC had its time in court with Vemma, a Tempe based nutrition company (MLM).

What the FTC was accusing Vemma was that it was operating as an illegal pyramid scheme that rewards affiliates for recruiting participants instead of for selling products, that the defendants provide affiliates very little guidance for selling products, but how they instead teach them to give away products as samples when recruiting new people. Also, allegedly running an illegal pyramid scheme, all of the defendants are charged with making false earnings claims, failing to disclose that Vemma’s structure that ultmately shows in black and white that over 98% of the new people who join will not earn a decent income. They also feed the new affiliates with false and misleading materials to recruit others (as many as they can recruit).

So, onto the court hearing which started with Dr. Stacie Bosley. This Dr. Stacie Bosley holds a BBA in Finance and a Ph.D. in Applied Economics. Why she is involved in this, is due to the fact that she is currently an assistant professor in the department of Management, Marketing and Public Administration at Hamline University. Which she studies how pyramid schemes in the U.S. and around the world, work and how the social and economic factors influence the participation. This is why she in involved and basically opened the court for the first day. They considered the testimony from Dr. Bosley very damaging on behalf of the FTC.

However, her witness testimony was lacking due to the fact that she hadn’t even reviewed Vemma’s internal data. So, it was not too good going on that.

Kevin Thompson – The MLM Attorney

Afte Dr. Bosley, Mr. Kevin Johnson explained the events on August 24th and 25th when they ceased and froze operations of Vemma. On August 17, 2015, the FTC quietly filed documents with the Federal District Court in Phoenix, Arizona, including a five-count complaint against defendants primarily alleging that Vemma is an illegal pyramid scheme.

So, out of concern that imperative evidence would be destroyed or even worse that Vemma’s assets would disappear, the FTC was granted an ex parte Temporary Restraining Order with Asset Freeze, and appointment of receiver against Boreyko and the Vemma entities on August 21, 2015.

What happened next is that Mr. Johnson stated he could not sell products because he was not legally allowed to and was only legally allowed to continue distributing commissions. On the contrary, later the defense stated that Mr. Johnson could in fact sell product and continue operations.

So, not sure what the heck is going on here.

The more witnesses that were called, the stronger Vemma looked. As most initially walked into that courtroom expecting the worst, they walked out wondering exactly why the FTC was wasting everyones time for (as usual). It seemed that every accusation the FTC stated ended up being not substantiated at all.

In asking MLM attorney Kevin Thompson what his opinion was of the hearing at the third recess he said,

“Vemma’s legal team has shown that the FTC has not quite done its homework. In my opinion, based on testimony today, they will be able to operate to some capacity again.”

So, what happens from this point on with MLM?

Kevin Thompson explains, “this proceeding is informative for other MLM’s because it defines what the FTC finds offensive and that’s valuable.”

Finally, when the VP of Vemma’s compliance department was on the stand I expected the FTC to finally get the edge. Still, after about twenty minutes or so it was still all about nothing. Another wasted day of our tax money!

So, now the judge has 3 days to form a judgement. Usually, these court proceedings  end up in the favor of the FTC, no matter what.

Well, this is just another HUGE reason to stay away from MLMS.

Wig Stores in San Diego vs Denver

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Movers Denver – Business Opportunities in Denver

movers denver

Denver is one of the best cities to start a new business in. There are many industries which could use some new companies because of the wide-open opportunity. Denver was developed extensively amid the seventies and eighties with the development of numerous new downtown high rises. At the point when the cost of oil dropped from thirty-four dollars a barrel into nine dollars a barrel in the eighties, the Denver economy dropped with it, leaving very nearly fifteen thousand oil industry laborers in the region unemployed, and the most astounding office opportunity rate in the country closed. Movers Denver is growing every month and helping other businesses move to this beautiful state of Denver, Co.

Finding Business Opportunities – Movers Denver

movers denver coSince then, the industry has recouped and there stay seven hundred utilized petroleum engineers in the region. Advances in water powered cracking have made the Basin of Colorado into an open and lucrative oil play. Vitality and mining are still vital in Denver’s economy today, with organizations, are headquartered there or they are also having critical operations in the region. Denver’s west-focal geographic area in the Mountain Time Zone likewise benefits the media communications industry by permitting correspondence with both North American coasts, South America, Europe, and Asia in the same business day.

movers denverDenver’s area on the one hundred and fifth meridian at more than one mile in rising additionally empowers it to be the biggest city in the U.S. to offer a one-ricochet continuous satellite uplink to six landmasses in the same business day. Other than that, the moving business in Denver is also one of the areas in which there are many new Denver businesses starting because of the major opportunity. Denver is known for its magnificent infrastructure and good location,etc. The customers in Denver are notoriously picky, though, and only the best would be able to survive. This is the best way to know more about it at

Business Climate For Bathroom Remodel Denver

bathroom remodel denverWhen it comes to the matter of the best businesses to start in Denver, one must touch upon the telecommunication business, eatery, mining, and transportation as well. Denver is a place of many opportunities, and just about every kind of business would be able to reap some kind of success there, but there are some that fare better than others. Bathroom Remodel Denver is only one of the successful companies since moving to Denver, Co. There are numerous broadcast communications organizations with operations in the Denver zone. These and other innovative organizations had a blast in Denver in the mid to late nineties. Denver had one of the most reduced unemployment rates in the country at three point eight percent in October 2007.

Understanding Business For Bathroom Remodel Denver

The Downtown district has seen expanded land speculation with the development of a few new high-rises set to be finished in two thousand and thirteen. Denver has additionally delighted in accomplishment as a pioneer in the quick easygoing eatery industry, with numerous mainstream popular store eateries established and situated in Denver. In 2015, Denver positioned number one on Forbes’ rundown of the Best Places for Business and Careers, just like Bathroom Remodel Denver. This is in a large part thanks to the wonderful infrastructure that Denver has.

bathroom remodel denver coThe greater part of Denver has a clear road matrix situated to the four cardinal bearings. Squares are typically recognized in hundreds from the middle lanes, which are Broadway and Ellsworth Avenue. All in all, Denver’s roads are ideal for the starting of Denver businesses dealing in the matters of transportation, such as a moving business. However, because of this particular business opportunity, many companies have started in the industry and the competition may be a bit harsh. which are able to offer Denver customers a better service quality would be able to rise to the top. It will help you to know more about it at